TalkingEyes&More Collaboration Network

Eyedoctors, internal doctors, experts working together to optimize health care using certified web-based infrastructure.


The Talkingeyes- Collaboration- Network — T C N is part of an evolving strategy at TALKINGEYES&MORE which started 10 years ago.

The purpose of the Talkingeye-Collaboration Network — T C N is to manage medical collaborations between eyedoctors, internal doctors, and experts working together to optimize health care using purely webbased communication technologies.

To achieve a fruitful collaboration, Talkingeyes-Collaboration-Network provides a platform for telemedical services.

Investing in webbased infrastructure is crucial to improve services to help patients, employees and increase effectiveness for diagnosis. Staying within one effectively functioning infrastructure which handles 70.000 patients and more, is greatly improving access for doctors, patients and employers.

With the TCN it is easy to find, combine and use services to improve practice, health and knowledge in various ways.

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