TalkingEyes&More Collaboration Network

Eyedoctors, internal doctors, experts working together to optimize health care using certified web-based infrastructure.


The technology of the TalkingEyes&More Collaboration Network – T C N consists of Webbased frontends, separated instances of the webbased application program, and Cloud server in selected countries.

All medical and technical processes of the Talkingeyes Collaboration Network — T C N are certified by DIN ISO 9001:2008.

DIN ISO 9001_2008_Bild1


The structured data acquisition methods of the Talkingeyes Collaboration Network are perfected after more than 10 years work experience with more than 70.000 patients. These methods specifically aim to increase the medical success of eyedoctor -expert teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving.

Forms, rubrics, charts and graphs were used to objectively document medical processes with the goal of improving performance in current and future projects.