TalkingEyes&More Collaboration Network

Eyedoctors, internal doctors, experts working together to optimize health care using certified web-based infrastructure.


Talkingeyes- Collaboration- Network provides these services:

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  1. Simultaneous training of condition and visual cognition on the treadmill

  2. online-Education

  3. Get an Ophthalmology Second Opinion

  4. Image Database (10.000+ ophthalmology images) with integrated search engine

  5. Mobile Tele-Ophthalmic Consultation Service for Company Based Healthcare Programs, Medical Clinics, Neurological Clinics and Emergency Units

  6. Ask the OCT-Expert

  7. Smart Tonotracker with upload of IOP data by the patient and automated analysis of IOP-values

  8. Improvement of active vision by c-DIGITAL VISION TRAINER(R)

  9. Medical examination of patients

  10. Consultation and expert testimony for courts, lawyers and patients

1. Simultaneous training of condition and visual cognition on the  treadmill



Many sports require excellent spatial vision.

c-Digital Vision Trainer (R) is an innovative patented system. It improves spatial vision in terms of depth resolution and recognition speed.

What does the c-Digital Vision Trainer consist of?

The system consists of a PC with internet connection, a special 3D monitor, polarization glasses and a hand-held controller.

How is it used in the gym?

The c-Digital Vision Trainer can be used in conjunction with the treadmill or independently. Instead of watching TV, the interactive visual training takes place using a special monitor directly in front of the treadmill. The interaction takes place by means of a hand-held controller. The training consists of 3 sessions. One session lasts about 5 minutes.

Is there an analysis of the data?

The result data of the individual session and the entire training course are analysed and are available to the user. If desired, a detailed analysis will be carried out by an ophthalmologist (at the user’s expense).

Previous experience?

The training effect of the c-Digital Vision Trainer has already been scientifically investigated by tennis professionals and goalkeepers. A significant improvement in depth resolution and recognition speed has been demonstrated. The effect lasted at least 6 months.




2. Online Education

Atlas2.0 onlineEducation

Only in Germany: BLAEK-zertifizierte online-Fortbildung mit Fortbildungspunkten der Klasse D



3. Get an Ophthalmology Second Opinion

  • You are a patient and want a remote medical second opinion without traveling to visit a clinic in person.

Our remote medical second opinion service allows you to access Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network ophthalmologists without requiring you to spend time and money traveling to visit a clinic in person. After reviewing your medical records and diagnostic tests, our specialists will provide a written recommendation regarding your treatment plans or options based on the information provided by you or your current physician/ local eye doctor. Results of the recommendations will be provided electronically  to your referring physician/ local eye doctor, and you.

German ophthalmology is known around the world for its particular expertise in diagnosing and treating ocular diseases. Remote ophthalmology second opinion from german professors of ophthalmology are available for:

  • Glaucoma
  • Optic nerve diseases
  • Retinal diseases
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Hypertensive retinopathy
  • Corneal diseases
  • Cataract
  • Malignant melanoma

Ophthalmology Second Opinion Costs

The cost of a Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network Second Opinion is about 150 €.

Payment is due at the time of the request by PayPal. A receipt for services and an access code with ID and password to upload your your medical records and diagnostic tests will be mailed to you approximately 5 business days after payment is received.

Things to consider:

  • Ophthalmology Second Opinion by ophthalmolgists of Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network is a self-pay service. At this time, some private health assurance companies cover a medical second opinion.
  • Please note that most insurance companies will require procedure codes to process reimbursements. We can provide procedure codes (German GOÄ-codes) for any services provided through our Ophthalmology Second Opinion program. We encourage you to investigate your insurance company’s requirements and are happy to assist you with any questions you have about our services.
  • Acknowledge is required by your local physician or eye doctor before a consultation can be provided.
  • Timeframe for turnaround is approximately 10 business days from receipt of all records and payment.

Request a Second Opinion

Ready to request your remote medical second opinion from  experts of the Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network. Follow these ten steps to get started today.

  1. Step 1: Talk to your physician or local eye doctor:  Discuss with your physician or local eye doctor why you would like to have a second opinion from experts of the Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network. By law we are unable to provide this service without your physician’s or local eye doctor’s acknowledgement.
  2.  Step 2: Go to “CONTACT” and send a request. We will send you within one day  our terms & conditions, the Consultation Request Form, the Patient Disclaimer-Form, and the Payment Process-Form.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the Consultation Request Form: After reviewing our terms & conditions complete the Consultation Request Form and save it as pdf.
  4.  Step 4: Complete the Payment Process by PayPal: Complete the Payment Process by PayPal and save it as pdf.
  5.  Step 5: Fill out the Patient Disclaimer Form: Carefully review, date, sign the Patient Disclaimer-Form and save it as pdf.
  6. Step 6: Send per Email  Consultation Request Form and Patient Disclaimer Form: When completed Step 3-5,  send by email Consultation Request Form, Payment Process by PayPal and Patient Disclaimer Form as active pdf-documents to Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network.
  7. Step 7: Access Code with ID and Password will be mailed to you: Payment is due at the time of the request. PayPal is the accepted mean of payment. A receipt for services and an access code with ID and password to the Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network Second Opinion Platform will be mailed to you approximately 1 business day after payment is received. Your personal access to the platform is then open for 2 weeks.
  8. Step 8: Gather your medical records and upload images and documents: Review your case with your physician or local eye doctor to determine which medical records and images are appropriate to upload  to platform of Ophthalmology Second Opinion by TCN. When completed, save at your PC your applicable medical records, images and documents.  Images can be taken with any fundus camera or OCT-device that provides clear, sharp images.
  9. Step 9: Open the platform and fill out the online-Patient Intake Form and the Medical History Questionnaire:  By your ID and your Password open the platform. Complete the online-Patient Intake Form and the online-Medical History Questionnaire  in the Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network Second Opinion Platform and save it.
  10. Step 10: Upload images and appropriate documents in the Talkingeyes® Collaboration Network Second Opinion Platform.
  11.  Step 11: Receive your medical second opinion:  Within 10 business days of receipt of medical records, a Second Opinion by TCN  faculty member will generate written reports electronically available to the physician or local eye doctor that acknowledged your medical second opinion and also to you.

4. Atlas of Ophthalmology
Image Database with integrated search engine


  • You are an eye doctor or an optometrist. You want to empower yourself by a fast confirmation of your diagnosis. You need access to clinical images at your fingertip to have a fast confirmation of your supposed diagnosis of the patient just in front of you.
  • We have constructed a very fast and free access to our clinical data base of about 10.000 clinical images with more than 1.800 clinical diagnoses: Atlas of Ophthalmology
  • The Atlas of Ophthalmology is a public online database, free of charge, edited by specialists in the field.
  • By integration of the access code in your computer or desktop you have a very fast access to this big reference clinical image data base,  direct at your website.
  • Within seconds you have similar clinical images inclusive the diagnosis at your screen.

5. Mobile Tele-EyeCare using a cloud based patient chart MedStage (class IIa certified medical product)


Mobile Tele-Ophthalmic Consultation Service for Company Based Healthcare Programs, Medical Clinics, Neurological Clinics or Emergency Units

  • You are a medical professional organizing a company based healthcare program  or a medical doctor in a medical or neurological clinic. You want to empower your instititution with ophthalmic expertise.
  • You need access to the MOBILE Tele-Ophthalmic Consultation Service performing telemedical examinations of the eye and visual functions in patients with suspected arterial hypertension, diabetes, or neurological diseases.
  • The MOBILE Tele-Ophthalmic Consultation Service serves as a mobile consultant in Company Based Healthcare Programs, and also in institutions without ophthalmic expertise. Visual function , retinal vasculature, and  optic nerve head morphology were documented by mobile devices and afterwards telemedically evaluated  by an experienced eye doctor within hours.
  • The retinal vasculature, the retinal nerve fiber layer, the macular retinal ganglion cells are ideal structures for visualizing early processes of vascular remodeling, diabetic edema, neurodegeneration, neuroprotection and neurorepair.
  • Impairment of retinal vessels and capillaries, axonal and neuronal degeneration are important features of arterial hypertension, diabetes, multiple neurologic disorders affecting the anterior visual pathway.
  • Since the retinal vasculature, the retinal ganglion cells,  and the non-myelinated axons are perfect visible, the retina is an ideal structure for visualizing the processes of vascular remodeling, edema, neurodegeneration, neuroprotection and even neuro-repair. No other central nervous system tract has this unique  arrangement.
  • Thus, mobile imaging of the retina and optic nerve by Optical Coherence Tomography OCT provides high-resolution reconstructions of retinal  anatomy in a rapid and reproducible fashion and permits objective analysis of the retinal vasculature, as well as ganglion cells and other neurons  in the macula.


6. Medical Collaboration
Ask the OCT-Expert

  • You are an eye doctor or an optometrist. You want to empower yourself by a fast confirmation of your diagnosis. You need access to an OCT-Expert.
  • For an immediate confirmation of an OCT-image of the patient just in front of you we offer a very fast access to an OCT-Expert of your choice.
  • By using purely webbased communication technology you have very fast access to experienced OCT-Experts.
  • Within hours you have the diagnosis on your screen.
  • Contact us here to use this service!
Findings by the OCT-Expert: retinal hemorrhages, cystoid areas Diagnosis: Diabetic cystoid macular edema

7. Medical Collaboration
Smart access and analysis of IOP-values


  • You are an eye doctor or an optometrist. You want to empower yourself, diagnosis and therapy by looking at IOP values over a month and more. You need a calculated IOP-profile summarizing all data.
  • For a confirmation of a supposed increased IOP during nighttime of the glaucoma patient we offer a smart access to analyzed IOP-values, coming from different sources.
  • The patient measures his IOP at several sites or by a self-tonometer. All data are collected by the patient by an app.
  • Have smart access to analyzed IOP-values through the TCN
  • Contact us here to use this service!

8. Medical Collaboration
Improve active vision with DIGITAL VISION TRAINER

  • You are an eye doctor, sport director, senior residence administrator, optometrist or patient. You want to empower your clients, yourself to improve ACTIVE and PASSIVE vision.
  • Better vision can be accomplished by improving passive (new glasses, cataract surgery) or by improving active vision. The latter can be improved by perceptual learning.
  • Repetitive trials visual function improves active vision for elderly people in senior residences, for athletes in sport clubs, and for workers for preventive eye care in company health protection
  • After six sessions by DIGITAL VISION TRAINER the mean stereo processing time at 11arcsecs improved significantly from 804ms to 403ms in young athletes. Six months after the last training the stereo processing time remained at the level.
  • Repetitive testing of stereovision is effective in improving processing time of stereoscopic tasks significantly long-term.
  • See

    Repetitive dynamic stereo test improved processing time in young athletes.

    Schoemann MD, Lochmann M, Paulus J, Michelson G. Restor Neurol Neurosci. 2017;35(4):413-421. doi: 10.3233/RNN-170729.

  • Contact us here to use this service!

9. Medical Collaboration
Personal medical examination in Private Practice in Parcside Nuremberg

  • The ophthalmologic examination in our private practice is done with state-of-the-art technology and methods.
  • Besides using split lamp, applanation tonometry, we also use Optical Coherence Tomographie OCT, to examine macula and optic nerve.

  • Especially with the non-invasive OCT-angiographie (no contrast medium, no eyedrops needed) we can find changes of blood vessels in the retina of hypertonic and diabetes patients.

  • Contact us here to use this service!

10. Medical Collaboration
Consultation and reports for court cases

  • You need consultation or expert opinion on malpractice cases and seek experts to consult you on ophthalmologic issues.
  • We provide ophthalmologic reports, testimony and expert opinions for courts, lawyers and patients.
  • We provide consultations for insurances, doctors and patients for liability cases for malpractice.
  • Contact us here to use this service!